Comedy Hack Day, Now With 100% More Signing Up

Due to high amounts of applications and a desire to keep this event as awesome as possible, we’re asking for 100% voluntary contributions to the CHD coffer. 

Suggested donation is $10, but you can donate $0 or a lot more than $0. For a donation within that infinite range, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Admission to CHD 10 as participant (how to put a price on love?)
  • Fort Point beers on Friday and Saturday (Mileage may vary, but roughly $20 value)
  • Dinner on Friday and Saturday; breakfast on Saturday; lunch on Saturday ($30 value) (Past caterers include: Brenda's French Soul Food, Bicycle Banh Mi, Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, and other good places)
  • CHD t-shirt ($10 value, unless autographed by Baratunde, in which case $12 value)

If you'd rather not contribute but still want to secure a participant spot please email and confirm your desire to attend. (The site does not allow $0 donations.)