money and commitment

This is the second-to-last step before applying to helm a local Cultivated Wit community and organize your own Comedy Hack Day. We have a really high quality standard for everything we do, cuz life’s more rewarding that way. We hold all our hosts to that same quality standard, and part of that process means pages like this.  

finance management

It was mentioned in the previous page, but we need to seriously underscore the fact that this is totally on you. We coordinate the macro, you have to 100% handle the micro. If you fail on this front, you are responsible. Unlike the federal government we offer no bail outs.


In addition to being a flat circle, it is something you need to be prepared to commit. Each CHD takes about 3-4 months worth of part-time attention to organize effectively, and the week or two prior can begin to feel like a full-time job. Great events are a product of really hard work, and that’s what we expect. Be prepared. 


Organizers are not permitted to profit from CHD in any manner, be it ticket sales or sponsorship. Like anyone in comedy, you shouldn’t be in this for the money. The community is the point, and benefit to this gig is leading that community not profiting off it.

long term

By becoming an organizer, you are becoming the ambassador for Cultivated Wit in your city. In addition to 1-2 events each year, you’re welcome and encouraged to host informal happy hours or other small ways to keep the community together. 


It’s worth stating bluntly, we want you to benefit tremendously from the work you put into helming your city’s Cultivated Wit community. We talk openly with all our hosts about what they hope to get out of this, and request you be upfront with us about your motivations for getting involved. 




The underlying goal here is to create something bigger than any one city or one small group of people. The first priority of each event is to bring people into the growing, global network of this particular weird form of creativity. We very much want you to benefit from your hard work by becoming a leader in the community, but we ask all hosts to be forward and transparent with us about their goals as an organizer before they self-promote or otherwise put their own interests above the Cultivated Wit community.