We made this page to educate both developers and comedians about integrations that have worked well at past CHD events. This can provide a sense of what works best, worst, and what's even possible in hopes of sparking an idea or two.

We recommend all participants show up with 1-3 ideas they're most excited about. Tighten up each idea as you'll only have 60 seconds to pitch all your ideas.


More than anything, the best CHD ideas have a single, strong joke at their core and they're actually possible to execute/build. It's great when an idea has a really hilarious premise; it solves a non-problem or a real problem in a comedic way; or there's some degree of commentary baked into its reason-for-being.

Beyond just imagining the idea for a tech product, imagine what that product looks like and how a prototype could quickly come together. The more functional something is, the better it serves your final demo, so cater your pitches more to things that feel possible to pull off. 


A bad idea is hateful, wrong-headed, impossible to pull off, or have already been done before. We know more than anybody that comedy can push boundaries and challenge people, but we flat-out won't tolerate hateful or wrong-headed shit. 

Impossible to pull off ideas are okay if there's at least a UI (user interface) or some piece of full idea that could be created to showcase the idea's potential. But if the idea requires a giant, complex piece of hardware like some robot alarm clock then skip it. 

Finally, a list of some oft-pitched ideas at past CHD events includes: Yelp for people, goofy voices/personalities for GPS directions, and almost anything that's Tinder for _____. Ideas about decreasing time on social media come frequently and offer ripe territory, but they demand extra inventiveness (we've had a lot of low-hanging-fruit ideas on this front and none have ever made the finals). 



MailChimp (Sponsor) - Automates emailing. Think about automatic email services, or something that emails you every time _____ happens. It's possible.

Kimono Labs - Turn any website into an API. You can imagine any idea that requires scrubbing sites/pages for a certain piece of information, then doing something with that collection. 

Google Hangouts - You can build and integrate your ideas into Google Hangouts

Twilio - Programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages. It is very easy to build products that text, call, or otherwise interact with people's phones.

YouTube - Upload videos, modify video data, and otherwise manipulate the place we spend all our time. 

Foursquare - They have a great API with location data on every restaurant, shop, or any other physical place you might go to eat or entertain yourself.

Giphy - GIFs galore! 


Squarespace - A very easy way to get a site up for your app. Ideally, everything made has some kind of simple site or landing page. 

Firebase - Tools and infrastructure you need to build better apps.

Heroku - Probably the fastest way to get your app online.

IFTTT - (If This Then That) Creates a chain of automated events with no code. Non-developers take note, nearly an endless array of If/Then circumstances can be quickly and easily created. Examples: 

  • If you post a link on Facebook IFTTT can send you an email
  • If your Nest home thermometer reaches 80 IFTTT can tweet something
  • If a particular song plays on your Spotify IFTTT can publish something to Medium, Slack, and email you listings for a particular object on Craigslist.


Apigee - Browse more APIs and test in their sandbox. Included:

  • Echonest - Billions of data points about music

  • Etsy - Bring Etsy's handmade marketplace and community into your apps.

MashApe - A third place to look at tons of APIs