Host ResPonsibilitIes

Below are nine crucial components of conducting any CHDx. Want more C-words? Read completely, then carefully click if you care to continue.  


You’ll need to assemble a team of co-organizers to help produce the event. There’s definitely too much work for even just two people to pull off. So be prepared to recruit friends, make new friends, or otherwise consider this a communal effort. 


First and foremost, your job is to make CHD as fun and gratifying as possible for the participants. That means creating the right environment, enforcing the code of conduct, getting to know people who come, and setting the overall vibe. 


How much will you need to raise? Well that depends on the budget that will also be on you to create and manage. We provide you with a playbook and some guidance, but we can’t stress enough that this job means managing all finances for your event. 


Cultivated Wit has procured top-level sponsors in order to provide some seed funding for each event, but it won’t be enough to cover all costs. Finding additional sponsors for funding or trade, closing the deals, and managing those relationships will be 100% on you. 

putting on a show

After two unfun money bullets, here’s an exciting one… You get to produce a comedy show! It’s on you to find judges, arrange a venue, and oversee the lights, cameras, and action. 


Food & Shelter

We strive to ensure every CHD participant is fed and protected from the elements. Yeah, we spoil our people. Arranging the venue(s) and securing non-shitty food are part of this gig, including assuring the various AV and tech requirements of this event.


You’ll be responsible for documenting the event (photos and video), and delivering the media to Cultivated Wit so we can appropriately promote and celebrate the amazing shit that goes down at your raging party of technological hilarity. 



Every local CHD host will need to recruit their own participants, promote their own show, and otherwise spread the proverbial word. Cultivated Wit can and will help so much as we can, but this is your town and you will anchor the community that forms. We rely heavily on our hosts to help discover the right people.  


More than anything, we want you to have lots of it. We know firsthand how rewarding it can be to rally this particular pool of amazingly creative and kind people. Our best hosts draw fun from working hard to create something memorable. If that’s you, keep going!