Imagine a room filled with laughter, creative breakthroughs, cutting-edge technology, and friendship. Now open your eyes. If your eyes were open for the imagination part, please imagine again but with your eyes closed. There you go. Welcome to CHD at Your Thing. 

Cultivated Wit, that’s us, has built a community of comedians, software developers, and designers who come together to build satirical tech products and put on an inspiring live comedy show. We’ve called it Comedy Hack Day. Now we want to bring that magic to your thing.  

Whether your thing is a comedy festival, industry conference, college orientation, company retreat, or Aydin Cohen’s Brookline Massachusetts Bat Mitzvah Extravaganza, we’ll bring our best creators to unleash their custom comedy hacks, leaving your community uplifted, excited, and 27 IQ points higher. 

More impact than a speaker. Less pantomiming than an improv troupe. Bring CHD to your thing, and be a hero. 

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