MIT Media Lab: September 2013

Primo Ad Space - Our third Comedy Hack Day was the biggest, most awesome one yet. See how a bunch of nerds reacted to the event, imagine how great your life would be now if you'd attended, then sign up for our mailing list so you can participate in the next one.

My Real Puppy - Benjamin Apple's revives the virtual pet concept pioneered by Tamagotchi, allowing children to pet and feed a virtual (and adorable) puppy. After naming the animal and maintaining its health and happiness for several days, the now-bonded child gets to experience the brutal indifference of our cold and uncaring universe when the puppy, with no explanation, dies.

Sly Sound - Knowing about music makes you cool, but looking up music makes you uncool; that is the paradox at the center of Sly Sound. Created by Trevor Burnham and Wes Hazard, the mobile app that works like Shazam without looking like Shazam.

iCare - Life's too short to care about things, so let the iCare mobile app care for you. Made by Benjamin Apple and Yuqi Hou.

Truth for Humanity - What if the batshit crazy person rambling on the street were able to build a database of truth-revealing web pages on every possible topic on the planet? Well, now we know. Benjamin Apple and Matt Klinman demo the insanity generating web app they built with Sarah Laplante, Taylor Levy, and Che-Wei Wang.

Twitter: April 2013

Citation Needed - a platform for lending credibility to the bullshit you make up on the spot. Their team was huge: Zach Galant, Jeremy Keeshin, Conor Doherty, Akiko Kozato, Matt LaVan, Rahul Prabala, Lucas Hanson, Ansh Shukla and Corbin Foucart.

Magic Story Maker - Brian Fountain and Toby Muresianu teamed up to create an app that takes articles from your news feed and injects them into children's books so you can read to your kids while staying up-to-date on current events.