I'm A Huge Fan

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I'm a Huge Fan gives you talking points that allow you to participate in a conversation without any actual knowledge. It's a mobile-responsive website that looks like you're writing an email when you are, in fact, searching for talking points about a movie or musical artist. You know, using technology to deceive others... What it was intended for. 

Team Members

Joe Nguyen, Idalia Ramos, Daniel Chen, Derek Hammond, Sharang Phadke

Internet Home

I'm a Huge Fan

What The Hell Is It?

In your To: field, you choose movies or music (disguised as email addresses, of course). Then in your subject, you type the name you want to search for. Then as you type on your phone or computer keyboard, the body of the email is populated with talking points generated by facts from Rotten Tomatoes or Beats Music API combined with their proprietary bullshit generator.

Extra Prize Love

I'm a Huge Fan won the Mashery prize for most hilarious use of its API.