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Got This Thing™ is the world's first "no-ductivity" app. It allows you to populate your calendar with real events for real excuses for your fake friends.

Whenever you find yourself needing an excuse, fire up Got This Thing and it fills in every waking moment of your Google calendar with actual events pulled from Eventbrite and Facebook. Plus a couple of not-so-real events conjured up by the GTT team. 

Friend need help moving Sunday? Looks like you're participating in a tree census before seeing a comedy show. What's that? Maybe Saturday instead? Oh man, sorry, there's a 5k you're running that morning and parlaying with the Crypts in the afternoon.

Simply put, Got This Thing is your (and your Netflix account's) new best friend. 

Team Members

Nat Towsen, Juan Lopez, Sacha Mombartz, Adam Goldstein, Evan Kaufman 

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